The Curious

If you are an art collector, a client in need of an artist,  or even an intrigued reader who stumbled upon this maelstrom of creativity, then you are the curious

Here at Dion Ys Us, we look to provide you with the finest curated content from our connected creatives. And yes, some of the works from our creatives might appear raw, and short of appearing in the next edition of Vogue , but our aim is to provide you with alternative works of art that illustrates the opinions and mental states of a younger generation of artists who haven't quite had the opportunity to meet Anna Wintour.

We are  addicted to talent. We believe that talent can  be identified even in the early stages of a piece or project. However, although we've got a gifted eye for identifying talented creatives, it's only our perspective. So if you're a reader, we urge you to comment on, like and share the pieces you come across  so we - and the contributors themselves - can hear what you have to say. It is the dialogue between the artist and viewer that is of incomparable importance , and in the words of Edgar Degas, "“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” 

If you're hooked on the work of a particular creative, and would like to collaborate further, then find out more on how you can connect as a Curious