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The intent

In the recognition of the paradox that is society,  we aim to:

  1. Provide a curated platform for establishing creatives to share their art and opinions for those interested about the creative minds of young and alternative artists.
  2. Build a flourishing artistic community by recognizing that talent merely needs to be organized for it to be surfaced.

  3. Empower establishing creatives by exposing and distributing the art and opinions contributed to Dion Ys Us with like-minded collaborators, brands & platforms.


Dion Ys Us is an non-governmental organisation (NGO) that strives to empower establishing creatives.  We contain no advertisements, only curated literary and visual stimuli from around the world to connect with and inspire you. Thus, any revenue generated from potential collaborations are redeposited into Dion Ys Us to grow and expose our community of creatives.

We believe that there is no ideal viewpoint when it comes to appreciating art.  The artists' creativity and the viewers' opinion are nothing more than two discerning perspectives on how one might interpret the world.  That in the true sense of democracy, an 18 year old's judgement on a Picasso might be just as valid as a 60 year old professor's opinion with a PhD in Art History.