Volume 3

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In this issue, we explore the theme of Enterprising, where we present stories of journeys and success. We sourced stories from Marrakesh and Fez, Auckland, Prague, Galle and Dubrovnik. We spoke to entrepreneurs such as Frederik Frede, founder of Berlin's creative digital powerhouse Freunde von Freunden; Mauritius-based Dan Rowden, an aspiring nomadic web developer, designer and a magazine lover; and Dutch entrepreneur and maker of handsome leather brand Mujjo Remy Nagelmaeker.

To introduce a fresh dynamic, we collaborated with Fernando Cobelo, an illustrator based in Turin, through "Ordinary Young Man". In cultivation of our Enterprise Issue, we are also partnering with two Malaysian standalone brands — Mimpi Kita and Real Material — together with two overseas brands — Orbitkey from Melbourne and The Goods from Los Angeles.

Musotrees is a Kuala Lumpur-based periodical print that explores on journey and destination. Founded by four friends, Musotrees was initiated through mobile photography and constant idea of traveling.