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Spanish Harlem Junkies

Spanish Harlem Junkies


Dani Ramos shares a poem about what goes on during her daily commute to Spanish Harlem, at the corner of 122nd and Lexington. She gives us an insight into the tangled lives of crack addicts and K2 Junkies, and proves herself a badass poet of the streets.

"On my walk home from the subway, up on 122nd & Lexington, I saw a young pregnant woman, idling & fidgeting, high off drugs." 

dying dope addicts
looking for their next hit
spanish harlem junkies
trying to forget

high off k2
his sister too
rubbing her stomach
she’s soon to be due

the barber shop
with its usual crowd
brittle wing bones
along with little glass vials

el barrio is filled with
their hustle
the bustle
of bustin their ass
to catch the m60

spanish harlem junkies
stuck in the cycle
the endless spiral
just looking to escape

Dani Ramos

Dani Ramos is a recent transfer student to New York University. She escaped from the intense close mindedness of University of Texas at San Antonio to start a life in New York City. Her gritty life in Spanish Harlem influences much of her current work. She is now living in Florence in the hopes of creating a new series based on her escapades.


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