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S.K.Y. - Myself

S.K.Y. - Myself


Skylar Kole Young shares a track from his musical project, S.K.Y. and talks about his upcoming E.P. Rose Claw.

At a young age, S.K.Y. began playing bass and was taken under the wing of his father, a successful jazz keyboard player. By the time he was 13, he was playing in his dads band in clubs around Los Angeles weekly, making a name for himself as a respected musician. For most of his life, he was listening to strictly R&B and Rock music made decades before he was born, but began feeling limited having to conform to the strict traditions of those styles.

"There is a divide in the music that is being created today. Either it is synthesized without any gauge of in-depth concepts or it is made to emulate sounds of the past with no regard to musical progression"

His opinions on music changed forever when at a high school party, a DJ played an early Kanye West song that made him realize the full capabilities and freedom of hip-hop. He immediately became immersed in contemporary production. The musical abilities he gained growing up gave him such a leg up on his peers that he quickly became an in demand producer. He began working with many young singers and rappers from all over LA. 

S.K.Y. developed a great work ethic, recording most days and nights to help these artists achieve their musical goals, though soon realized that he wasn’t working towards his own. He then decided to begin making music for himself. He thought himself to sing and write and developed his own truly unique sound which take full advantage of both his classical training and modern sensibilities. His gloomy and frenetic alternative electronic music appeals to anyone who appreciates new and inspired sounds.

Listen to his first release, Myself below:

Skylar Kole Young

Skylar Kole Young (S.K.Y.) is an artist that creates modern sounds relatable to the everyday pop-listener as well as highly respected musicians. S.K.Y.'s sound has manifested in the direction of alternative-electronic RnB, and his sturdy vocals ground the murky melodic tones and frenetic percussion. The creative textures and dynamic elements intrigue and inspire listeners.

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 Written, produced, performed, and recorded by Skyler Kole Young

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