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Moon Child

Moon Child


There are those who claim that we are affected by the phases of the moon, the water in our bodies embroiled with the movement of the tides, our mood changing in the moonlight. New contributor Leah Tansey explores her personal bond with the moon in this week's piece.

This piece depicts the internally intimate relationship I hold with the moon: an intrinsic feminal bond which forms and shapes our shared cycles. In her gravitational pull and push of my waters, she spurs and soothes my journey into deeper self awareness. The mother of luminescence, she continually reminds me of the light I hold within.

In a tenebrosity
of porcelain
my balance
waxes and wanes.

A selenologist by feel,
I spread my branches,
my offerings of missing
to lunaris.

Depleted from mirror tides,
pulling vision into thyself.
A gift of unearthing.
Extracting abtruse geology  from the pit of me.

I sit on a mountain
formed from sceptical scree,
a precarious state
of equilibrium.

I am under her.
She cradles me in, 
a denuding force,

as my new cyclic child is born.


Editor's Note: A version of this poem appears on Tansey's official Instagram, @leah_jean_writes.

Leah Tansey

Leah Tansey is an Elementary school teacher currently residing in Sydney Australia.  A writer of poetry and prose with an exploratory free verse style, she is a soul searcher that writes from the heart, with an emotional understanding of self awareness.  Often times, she pairs her writing with stark imagery.


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